A Summer Well Spent By Nika Carter

This Summer I had the chance to work alongside six other interns at St. Roch Community Church Summer Camp.  It was truly a blessing to work with 48 kids with whom I rarely had any connections.  We shared the gospel with them through song, worship, and games.  This summer internship has helped me to build relationships with the people I worked with and also with some of the kids from the St. Roch neighborhood.

During this summer we were also given the opportunity to take a Jobs for Life class (www.jobsforlife.org).  This class helped us to find God’s purpose and plan for our lives and showed us ways to work through road blocks, which is a situation that stops us from accomplishing our goals.  There were also good job interview resources to help us score good job opportunities.  During this course we also met hands-on with professional people who either owned businesses or worked in huge corporations.  They shared with us the ins and outs of how to conduct ourselves on the job or during interviews.  I recommend this course to anyone of any age because it encourages people to move forward in life and strive to do your best no matter what.

This summer we also studied Paul’s thirteen letters twice a week.  This gave us a time to dig deeper into God’s word and to display it amongst the kids.  Overall this summer was great for me.  I couldn’t have ask for a better way to spend my time especially in my community.


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  1. Larry Magill

    Nika, Great article! I hope that you have weathered Isaac well and that you continue to follow God’s purpose for your life.

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