Sign Petition to Install Working Drains in the St. Roch Neighborhood

Install working drains in the St. Roch neighborhood

For decades, many blocks in the 8th Ward (St. Roch Neighborhood) of New Orleans have not had proper drainage. Once a flourishing working class community, St. Roch fell victim to urban decay. However the last 5 years has brought much renewal. As life long residents of St. Roch and new urban pioneers, we stand in unison and demand the basic amenity of working street drains.

Beyond the major inconveniences of having to wade through standing water that remains for weeks at a time, serious health treats such as West Nile pose serious threats to the residents and children of our neighbor. As tax paying citizens, living in a first world country, not having working street drains is a violation of our basic entitlements and tax dollars. With the millions of dollars of infrastructure repairs happening in the city, the absence of street drainage sends a clear message from the city: St. Roch is not important! We stand in opposition to this stance and are committed to working on seeing working drains one day.

Click on this link to sign the petition,



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