Jobs, Finances, Start-ups

ImageWhen we launched the church nearly 7 years ago, we also formed a 501(c)3 community development corporation called St. Roch CDC ( St. Roch CDC is a Christian organization which partners with local churches and other like-minded organizations to empower individuals and revitalize the St. Roch neighborhood and similar under-resourced New Orleans communities. We offer Christ-centered programs and services to help meet the physical, spiritual, economic and cultural needs of individuals and families.

Our vision is to see individuals empowered to change their lives, families and community. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to help lift people out of material and asset poverty and wholistically restore our community. We do this by:

  • equipping individuals & families for success with their personal finances
  • providing soft skill jobs training to help people obtain gainful employment
  • empowering entrepreneurs to launch or grow small business enterprises
  • connecting people to allies who will champion their efforts
  • developing affordable housing
  • building family, community and cultural assets
  • advocating for justice and equity in our community

We are particularly excited about our current efforts to launch Restoration Thrift store.  Through the spring of 2014 we are collecting items to launch our store in the summer of 2014.  Once up, Restoration Thrift will provide jobs for those who have had challenges entering the work force, create a diversified funding stream to support current initiatives, provide an excellent and affordable shopping experience for customers and give  opportunities for people to give back through in-kind donations and volunteer service. Additionally it is our aim that we will be able to provide financial support to St. Roch Community Church as well as other partner organizations that are bringing restoration to neighborhoods throughout New Orleans. To support St. Roch CDC or provide items for Restoration Thrift please contact Ben McLeish at or 504.564.7739.



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