Lives Transformed on The Van Ride Home


In my 12 years of urban ministry experience, some of the greatest ministry has happened in the car ride home.  Tears, confession, laughter, accountability, hope, fear and more have been common themes.

Recently I’ve listened to the confessions of a gang member on the ride home from Bible study and our jobs training course.  His story is not for the faint at heart.  There are many wounds but God is at work in amazing ways and is using the simplicity of a car ride to create a safe environment to start healing.

We have reached a place in ministry where we really need a ministry van. We’re trying to steer clear of the 15 passenger vans due to safety and insurance costs but are hoping to acquire a minibus or minivan to be able to transport people to and from church, Bible study, summer camp, after-school program, field trips and more.

Do you have a good reliable vehicle that you could donate? We are aiming to either raise $20,000 to buy something or are praying that God will provide one through an in-kind donation.  Can you help?  Contact me, Ben McLeish, at 504.940.5771 or today.


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