The Provision of Leadership by Pastor J.B. Watkins

ImageTo all the saints in Christ Jesus…with the overseers and deacons…(Phil. 1:1) 

When one thinks of leadership, many things could come to mind. For example, leadership implies such traits as influence, vision, strength, and courage just to name a few.  And while leadership could be defined in a wide variety ways, one thing is certainly clear, leadership is by all means necessary and needed. This is just as true for the church as it is for any functional organization. 

Since the inception of St. Roch Community Church, leadership development has played a major role in our vision and mission.  For six and a half years, leadership is something we have prayed for, sought after, and worked toward with great expectation.  As a result the Lord has provided abundantly in this area of need; thus giving us occasion to rejoice. 

This past year, we were favored by God in the ordaining of our first two elders  in April as well as our first deacon in October.  With the establishing of such leadership, St. Roch has been equipped with a team of leaders responsible for the welfare of the church. It is through this leadership team that we expect the Lord to shepherd his flock while caring for the souls and needs of the local body. In addition to such responsibilities, we are grateful that God has raised up leaders who are willing and able to put their faith and life on public display. It is  through such that the saints will have multiple examples to follow in their striving to be like the Savior. In this we give God praise.

To conclude, just as Christ, and the apostle Paul after him, we too believe in the necessity of raising up local godly leaders that will in turn contribute to the furthering of God’s kingdom here on earth. And while the Lord has provided for us over the course of this past year, we continue to look forward to the establishment of future leaders both ordained and lay. As such, we invite you to pray with us along these lines while rejoicing over those that God has currently provided.

“To God be the glory for the great things he has done!”


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