Advent Calendars Are Here!

doug week 1 fifthHello! On behalf of the St Roch Artist Residency, I hope this email finds you well.

For the first time last year, the St Roch Artist Residency in New Orleans produced an Advent Calendar of sorts — a devotional guide through the season comprised of 30 individual cards (one for each day of Advent, plus an introduction and conclusion) featuring original art by former artists-in-residence (and artists who consider themselves friends of the residency), as well as daily readings, scriptures or hymns. The collection is gathered around 4 weekly themes: lament, repentance, hope, and celebration. We are so proud of this effort — the images are excellent, the thoughts are meaningful and concise, and the format creative and flexible.

Due to the significant appreciation which overran our modest first edition, we have re-released this calendar for Advent 2015! Last year the proceeds went to support the revitalization of our space and a push to expand our programming. Because of the the generous support of our network of friends and donors the fruit of last year’s fallow, preparatory season has been exciting. For the first time as a residency, we have the immense of privilege of hosting two artists concurrently and have rededicated our time, attention, and programming to their work and welcome. Their presence in our midst is a blessing as we eagerly continue our efforts to provide generous time, space, and community as a context for artists to focus on and establish the excellence of their work and the sustainability of their practice.

All proceeds from the advent calendars go to support these artists. If you are interested in obtaining an advent calendar ($12 includes the calendar and shipping) please let me know and I’ll get you the info you need so that we can get a calendar in the mail to you before Advent starts on November 29! And, if you have a copy, enjoyed it, and think a friend of yours might be interested in purchasing one and supporting us, please just forward them this email and my name!

Thanks for your time and interest! We hope your holiday season is meaningful and blessed.


Anne C. Nelson

Click below to purchase your Advent Calendar.  Limited quantities available.



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