What We Do


For the most part we are not programmatic. To steal a phrase from Total Church, we are “ordinary people, doing ordinary things, with Gospel intentionality.”  While we gather on a regular basis, we see the Church much more as a people than a place. Therefore, we are doing and being the Church 24/7. As a neighbor, on the job, at school or on the park, we are always on mission.

We are located at 1738 St. Roch Ave. NOLA 70117. If you have questions, please feel free to stop by or call us at 504.940.5771.

10:00 AM Sunday Worship
Communion & potluck every 1st Sunday

6:00 PM Prayer and Bible Study

After-school Program
Monday-Thursdays, 4:00-6:00 pm., Contact Nika Carter nika@strochcc.org for more details.

Small group discipleship/accountability groups meet at various times throughout the week. Contact Elder Aaron Collier (aaron@strochcc.org) to join a group.


Children & Youth

Christmas Store

Each year we open a Christmas store to help stretch resources during the holiday season.  If you are interested shopping at the store, it will be open the two Saturdays preceding Christmas. If you would like to donate gifts, please check out our Amazon.com wish list For more details concerning this ministry click here. 

Block Parties

In an effort to get know our neighbors and celebrate life together, we throw block parties throughout the  neighborhood.  Call the church office for more information on the next party.


The artist-in-residence is aimed at emerging artists who need time to continue or create a sense of momentum in their work without having to face the difficulty of working a 9-5 AND seriously create a body of work.  The artist-in-residence is nestled into the St. Claude Arts District, with plenty of opportunity to engage the arts arising in the St. Claude/St. Roch neighborhood.  The artist-in-residence also serves an educational role among the church body, interacting over cultural matters with folks who are unfamiliar, disinterested, or foreign to them.  We would like to think that having a living, breathing artist around warms people towards the arts and makes them feel more comfortable about going out to engage arts in the community. Read more about the program here.  To apply to the program contact Aaron Collier .

Community Development
St. Roch Community Church formed St. Roch CDC in 2008 to address a number of community development needs.  To learn more about our efforts, click here or contact Ben at ben@strochcc.org.

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