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As a friend of St. Roch Community Church, we cordially invite you to preview a limited edition of prints by resident artists. Donors who give to the SRCC Artist Residency a gift of $100 or more will receive a signed, archival print by one of the resident artists who have been awarded the position since its inception in 2008, or by the coordinator of the residency, Aaron Collier. To learn more about the residency please click here

Donations may be made online or mailed to St. Roch Community Church, 1738 St. Roch Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117.  Please indicate your desired print. If you have any questions please contact Ben McLeish at or 504.940.5771 ext. 104.

Gentilly #14
Daniel Kelly IV
Gentilly #5
acrylic on paper 7 x 10″
AIR 2009
See more of Mr. Kelly’s work here. 


Anne Nelson
mixed media on paper
10 x 8″
AIR 2010
See more of Ms. Nelson’s work here.
Abdi Farah
charcoal on paper
9/14 x 8″
AIR 2012
See more of Mr. Farah’s work here.

Sluice with border

Aaron Collier
graphite on paper
10 x 7″
AIR Coordinator
See more of Mr. Collier’s work here.

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