Philosophy of Ministry

The needs of our community are multifaceted and must be addressed holistically. We feel that it is practically impossible to do effective holistic ministry apart from the local church.

A nurturing community of faith can best provide avenues for evangelism, discipleship, spiritual accountability, and relationships by which people grow in their walk with God.

We do not want our church to be found guilty of being open only on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights while being ignorant or irrelevant to the needs of the people around them. Jesus said that the greatest commandments were to love God and love our neighbors. Towards this end, we seek to revitalize the neighborhood through spiritual and community development.

We are a church of and for the community, a goal more likely achieved through living in the neighborhood.  We require all staff to live (relocate or remain) in the community and strongly encourage members to do the same.  Living in the community causes us to care more about the neighborhood schools, businesses, blight and crime. Also this style of ministry affords us the opportunity to know our neighbors and establish relationships marked by a mutual indebtedness.

We place a higher value on relationships than programs, believing more lasting change is made through life-on-life relationships. Our after-school programs, art programs, and recreation emphasize quality discipleship relationships rather than the number in attendance.

We believe that the gospel that reconciles people to God must work to reconcile people to people in order to be the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Our community is racially diverse and the membership of the church reflects this diversity.  We also long for our church to be a place where issues around race can be addressed and worked through together.

Being located in a poor neighborhood, we guard against resembling a welfare program that cripples generations of people. We respect the God given dignity of our neighbors and aim to empower them rather than glossing over needs through handouts. We are committed to raising up the next generation of leadership in our neighborhood to ensure the community’s long-term stability.

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